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Bronzer & Sun Lust: Where Have I Been?

Ah,  it's been a minute hasn't it?
I've been away in Johannesburg then in Durban working a regular job, networking & gaining some office experience. Now, I'm back in Ladysmith , finally able to slow down & create again. I have been writing music again & I'll tell you more about that some time soon.
Winter came & went and with the Spring came something I've wanted for a very long time.
A very simple thing.
Something I haven't had but always wanted to try.

I want to laugh at how you may have thought I was talking about something with much more depth but no, I am talking about a make-up product.

My relationship with bronzer has been non existent, I spent a large part of my makeup journey focused on products like lipstick, gloss and eyeliners. However, I have always admired the effect bronzer has on skin. I love how it gives the impression of an inner glow. Hashtags like #melanin have put the pressure on to shine bright like a diamond …

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