[MAY] The Slay Keep You Toasty


Happy First.
(I heard that it's been Easter all day in Greece - Καλό Πάσχα yal!)
Happy Worker's Day, Southern Africa.

Met up with a friend today & had lunch - I would've taken photos of myself rocking vamp lips & her sporting a fade but alas, I've since sold my smart phone & my savings for a Canon DSLR model are underway. We spoke about much from sexual identity to introspection to colourism to religion.
Considering that I've recently spent a lot of time lone-wolfing, I've missed meaningful conversation. I've missed unconventional topics full of honesty & recognition of flaws as a part of what that makes us wonderful people. I like being around people who let themselves be both the best & worst parts of themselves, people who are free in their approach to learning & life & also give others room to do the same. I know this world has many labels for "free" people but I've lived on the right side of a conformist life with the shadows of other people's opinions as neighbours & I don't miss it.

ALCATEL ONE-TOUCH POP C7 phone photography/ Self Portrait by Nona Zuri (2015): "Off The Shoulder"

But it's MAY, child & sweater season is officially here! All worries are dying along with the spring & summer flora. When it's cold outside, there's no need to worry because my autumn/winter wardrobe's ready to go. Happy, gloomy days are here again!

Mugs full of summer heat
Plates crowned with baked goods
Over-sized jerseys
Vamp lips
White knitwear
Plum Burgundy hair 
Protective Styling
(Jah bless coconut oil!)
Fallen leaves in red, orange & yellow
Naked trees
The crisp clarity of the sky at dusk
The first star
The sting of cold as night falls
The icy nature of the full moon
Legs stretched out next to paraffin heaters
Struggling to roll out of bed in the A.M
Watching steam rise up from my lips
Notes written to my Summer self-to-be
& on
& on
& on...

Be kind to yourself this season; moisturise, drink the good stuff, hydrate & enjoy the delicacies of the season. Wrap yourself in textured & faux fur throws from Sheet Street ( they have a lovely selection of scatter cushions & winter sheets too.) Mr Price & Woolworths also have a lovely selection of block heel boots - so whatever your budget, you can get the baddie look you desire. 

In my next detailed post, I'll be talking about starting anew, moving to the countryside & creating a brand.
'Til then

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