Something I Like


Bad hair days are the best days lately. Today, I'd like to give a huge round of applause, in appreciation, to my cheekbones for working with my Duku (head wrap) the way that they did (Skin, you NEED to come back to the party!).

A couple of months ago my mother got a bag of  cut off material from a friend who knows people that work at a clothing manufacturing company; the wrap on my head is courtesy of that kind gift. Sometimes dreams/goals cost a lot in both time &  money (the unemployment rate in SA is not here to make us laugh either!) & being able to put outfits together from scratch is a skill I'm so glad boredom & curiosity during my teens taught me! There will be dresses & skirts birthed from that bag of cut offs - trust!
With protecting one's natural hair against the changing weather being non-negotiable & bad hair days in-between protective styles inevitable, iduku (head wrap) is definitely one of my home grown favourites for this month! Love x Light, NZ.

 (Sidenote: Before you ask me about the flower crown in the top right corner of this collage; what's a post on Boheme without a splash of mama nature? )

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