Revisiting Resolutions


Well, now that we're closing in on the middle of the year - I think it's a good time to revisit some of our resolutions.

Top left: Looking over Ladysmith's Oval Shopping Center from offices across the street
Top right: A shot of my neighourhood's skyline during dusk while in the car taken on my ALCATEL ONE-TOUCH POP C7
Bottom Left: Pages & Petals via WeHeartIt 
Bottom Right: Skirt: Cotton On [2013] (R125) | Jacket: From the 90s (I cut off the collar & rolled up the sleeves) | Hat: Market behind Murchison Mall (R60) 

Meh, but "I don't make resolutions" - everybody does, at least (I would hope) go into the new year with goals & ideas about how they would like the year, their finances & themselves to turn out. What I'm suggesting is a self check-up because, you know, what better way to end off 2016 than by being deliberate in the direction that you want it to go?
Intention can be a scary thing to operate by because you open yourself up to the kind of disappointment that could put a scrumptious dent in a shiny ego. However, since I taught myself to speak & think with intention my outlook & life have both improved. I've learned to be specific in my words when telling the universe about the outcomes I desire & to speak in positives instead of negatives when speaking to someone I care about ( I learned this from a wonderful person I get to call 'love'). Instead of highlighting the error/problem you highlight your loved one's ability to make the right choice "You're smarter than that" instead of "Don't do that", "You'll figure it out" instead of just "What are you going to do?", "Be kind to me" instead of "Don't be mean".

Here are 5 tips to help end 2016  on a high note:

 Write Your Goals Down

I only wrote down 4 goals this year because, I've learned that being an optimist is great & that being practical is just as great - they are not opposites, they are partners in progress. Writing your goals down gives you something to refer to when you begin to get distracted by life & opportunities that  pop up that could end up leading you away from your vision for the year. Writing your goals down helps you say "yes", "wait" & "no" to the right things.

Drink Better
For the frugal host/tea lover on the move: Checkers  has an incredible collection of reasonably priced  homeware & ceramics.

In 2014 I weaned myself off carbonated drinks. Ever since then I've had more natural energy, have lost weight & it's become much easier to see results from exercising - it's also become easier to eat healthier overall. For this I'd recommend some green tea (great for metabolism/energy/skin), my favourite being Lipton's Mint Green Tea. Drink it three times a day (you can use one tea bag three times) & you will thank me.

Be Unapologetic About Your Money

Work for R50 if you must, work for R100 but don't you ever settle on working for free for "exposure" or "experience". It can be daunting to demand payment for your creativity/work (because you've spent years telling yourself that prioritising money is unbecoming, maybe?) but what else are you supposed to do? We work so we can provide for ourselves - do not be afraid to charge what you are worth. Time is money. Ideas are money.

Embrace The Reality That Opportunity Can Be Created

Started with R0 & an internet connection.

You don't have to wait, you can make a way where there isn't one. Tap into your skills & your knowledge & look around you - there will be someone who needs something that you can help provide. You can use your unemployment, should you want a stable career in brand, copywriting, content creation etc. to build a compelling portfolio. Also, you can convince people that they need your services, your vision & your ideas, you just need to be daring & willing to learn: She who dares, wins.

Accept That Happiness Comes From Within

Relationships, our jobs, our goals - everything that manifests on the outside finds its origin on the inside. When you change, the world around you changes. A good way to create positive internal change is to develop a habit of gratitude & my secret to developing that has been using The Five Minute Journal developed by Intelligent Change Inc. (I've been following creators of The Five Minute Journal Alex & his wife Mimi Ikonn on Youtube for almost a year now - search them out, they will change some of your views on life & success forever)

So: write it down, prioritise your well being, reflect, be firm about what you expect financially  - you are worth every rand, treat your body better by being intentional about what you put inside of it, keep learning & remember to   w h i s t l e   while you   h u s t l e  ; life is meant to be enjoyed.

Well wishes for the rest of the year

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