Something I Like


Photo by Annabelle Hickson via @the_dailys 

Living in the midlands area in Kwa-Zulu Natal has meant enjoying nature's gifts & having them at my doorstep: rivers, vast woodland areas, fauna & fields & coming across The Dailys, a blog by Annabelle Hickson, a woman who lives her life on a pecan farm with her husband in Australia gave me so much warmth & in a funny way, made me feel right at home. Her blog slogan "finding the beauty in daily life" sums up what makes life the amazing thing that it is. I value moments above a lot else, I value the little things loaded with so much that we'll never be able to fully express our gratitude, fulfillment & joy in words.

When  I look at this picture I see so much abundance: Land, sunshine, home made food on the table, company, memories made... My gosh, it looks like everything I've ever wanted; love & tranquility.

What reminds you of home?

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