Let Me Tell You About 2016


Let me tell you about 2016:

Photos by Cheney Liebenberg Photography


Through and through and through

The bad moments hardly stuck;
this was the year
I put gratitude and staying positive into practice
after 3 chaotic years.
I broke my own chest open over & over in 2015
determined to get the bad stuff out
& in 2016 I let the light shine in & back out onto the faces of the angels that walked by & set me aflame.

I fell in love with the people I met including myself.
I promised to never leave my life in someone else's hands
& I managed to keep that promise.
It was such a spiritually conscious year - my mind is blown.
I felt it all:
every bit ;
the warmth, the chills,
the butterflies...

This year was such a breath of life.
I am forever grateful.
It feels like rebirth
somewhere in 2013 - 2015 I fell into a puddle of death
The old me didn't make it
And by this time last year, December, 2015
I finally felt alive
Good things were walking into my life
like a marching band,
bursting with livelihood
ready to make memories

And they have been made...

For those who've taken a chance on me
You have forever been etched into the cracks and depths of my being
Where I will dig during hard times & find you & be reminded that
life brings beauty & laughter & pure joy
I will smile in my grey years
at the thought of you

And I've been taking in every moment,
touching the soul of the ground under my feet,
resting my head on pillows of possibility fragranced by goodwill & faith.
Channeling this & that,
caressing myself like a long awaited lover,
like the soulmate I long to walk beside
talking about the beach side
staring up at the stars
so familiar
like we've stared up at them together many lifetimes before
or the twin flame that evades me in this lifetime day after night, after night...

To everyone I love & who got to love me this year... Thank you for sharing your path with me. I love you.
Grateful for another year!
2017, Let's go!

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