New Year, New Things


Happy New Year.

Image by: Cheney Liebenberg Photography

A bit late, I know...
This post is here to usher you into some "new" beginnings.

As you can tell, if you were following me in 2016, I have changed the look of my blog, soon to be followed by a more personal and day-to-day aesthetic on my social pages from the lens of my phone.
Nona Zuri has grown into more than just a pseudonym when I'm on stage or a personal blog & it has blossomed into a platform through which I consult as a brand consultant & online content producer.
Not too bad huh?
My will continue to be about lifestyle in the KZN countryside where tourism reigns supreme & my love for style, beauty & unique experiences life brings my way! Your girl is a professional now, darling - available for bookings & consultations.

I also turned 27 on the 12th of January!!!

Aging with grace, honey...

... & so  my journey to 30 has officially begun.

Well wishes in getting through the rest of  "Janu-worry". February cometh, my friend & when it does, perhaps share a meal with someone less fortunate.

I am happy to be here in the new year with you & I hope you are happy to be here, not just with me but with who you are, if you know what I mean.
Every year is full of positive possibilities.
Grab some.

Looking forward to sharing new content with you, always.

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