New Year, New Things

Happy New Year.

Photo Taken by: Cheney Liebenberg Photography 

We're late, I know.
But this post is here to usher you into some "new" beginnings.
As you can tell, if you were following us in 2016, we have changed our look.
As you may have also noticed, I am uncharacteristically currently using the word "we" quite a bit. That's because By Nona Zuri has grown into more than just a personal blog & it has blossomed into a space on the internet reserved for the whimsical bohemian; the brave heart forever unfolding, creating & becoming.
Poetic huh?
So, this platform is now truly a spot where you can come to know a bit more about your choices when it comes to the free-spirited lifestyle, beauty & fashion here in the South African countryside & wherever else I find myself throughout the year.

The sun is back, after a week of rain & dark clouds - all deeply appreciated considering the drought - looking out of my large window at the blue sky hovering over a neighbour's brown-tiled roof, I am sure glad to see it.

I also turned 27 on the 12th of January!!!

Aging with grace, honey...

(so you know this grown up thing has to be in full effect now - blog aesthetic & content included) &  my official journey to 30 has begun.

Well wishes in getting through the rest of  "Janu-worry". February cometh, my friend & when it does, perhaps share a meal with someone less fortunate.

I am happy to be here in the new year with you & I hope you are happy to be here, not just with me but with who you are, if you know what I mean.
Every year is full of positive possibilities.
Grab some.

Looking forward to sharing new content with you, always.


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