A Daydream: Sunlight, Songs & Magic

by - 21:28

A goddess is both sweetness & fury, service & power, creation & destruction...

I recently read an article about people who do not need affirmation from others to thrive. My first instinct was to assume I was naturally one of those people... but am I really?
 I was always a little kid who knew who she was, my sense of identity was found in Disney princesses (lol) - the more rebellious and compassionate - the more I modeled myself around the character. I gained my inspiration from books, musicians and the like. I was often found prancing the streets of my own world, absolutely certain that every step was taking me further and further to my throne.

"Your dreams are valid."
- Lupita Nyong'o

The roads were littered with confetti, post some sort of celebration & I was running towards my destination.
Then, I got derailed - I started caring about what people think & let me tell you - when you do that you'll never win because sometimes what people think is just a reflection of their insecurities, not the truth. What people think is often a reflection of how well they know themselves & people separated from themselves will always try impart the same to others just as people who are secure in who they are, seek to share that freedom with others.

Luckily, I am back on track.

Post 25, I don't think you really have a choice but to not give a damn.

You were born equipped to handle being who you really are...there's no need to fear her.

The universe was kind enough to grant me the wake up call I needed to get back to the queen making her way, scepter in hand, glorious gown adorned in even more heavenly bead work cascading down onto the tarmac, fixated on the home stead on the hill up ahead, hopping over stones, climbing over rocks, making her way to glory - sure as the sunrise that she is meant for that crown. Everywhere she turns she's odd because she's dressed for where she's going and not where she is & everyone she speaks to feels lost or thinks she's delusional because of how she speaks about herself & her destination. Her eyes sparkle with ageless belief of what a fulfilled life feels like. It's almost like a memory from a past life that she seeks, that she longs for.

And so long as that vision leaks into your sleep to throw water on your face & remind you of who you are, don't you ever stop running towards the dream that won't leave you, goddessa.

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