Why Fenty's All Satin Sneaker is Life

Fenty x Puma  presents: The satin Bow Sneaker
Image(s) courtesy of Fashion Journal (Australia)

Oh, to grow up quirky & laughed at to adulting during a time when an all satin sneaker with a big ass bow on it is about to take popular culture by storm.

The word on the proverbial street is that Fenty x Puma is set to release a Bow Sneaker & Satin Bow Slide (after the popular fur slide) as a part of their SS17 collection.

And I care, I care a lot.

When I say all satin I mean it - with an entirely satin upper & a suede logo stripe & heel. The slide has that thick rubber sole we found on the fur slide & a glorious satin bow perched upon it. If you are not as obsessed with blush pink as I've discovered I am, you can also find this range in olive.

Fenty x Puma SS17 Satin Slide

I grew up loving sneakers, although I couldn't get the best kind, I loved everything I could lace up or slide on & I bought cheaper versions of my favourites (not knock offs with weirdly altered brand names - just plain jane lookalikes).

The aesthetic of the sneaker has been & will always be appealing to me no matter how much my personal style evolves. A good & quirky pair of chucks will always be relevant.

 Artists like Rihanna, who continue to explore the sneaker validate the quirkiness some spend years defending & feeling awkward about.

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Bad Gal Riri, once again, comes through for the quirky woman who feels stifled by people insisting that she must be dolled up as commercially as possible to be as "appealing" to as many people as possible.

What about creative style? I ask you?? What about it?

The bow sneaker, like wearing sneakers with a maxi dress or flossing a denim jacket with patches of memories sewn into its sleeves, says nah , different is inconvenient but I like it & you'll catch up. 

Catch up, you will.


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