.Inspired by romance & freedom

Meet Nona Zuri;
singer-songwriter & model.
A wanderer, creative & romantic.

Nona Zuri is an independent singer-songwriter, model & freelance writer currently based in Ladysmith, South Africa. She is a Psychology graduate, & forever a student, passionate about healthy relationship dynamics & self-awareness.  Nona expresses a love for her home province, KwaZulu Natal, made clear by her decision to stay in the beautiful town of Ladysmith, despite being born and raised in Durban and many years spent living in the city of gold, Johannesburg, where opportunities for artists are much more available. Nona believes in the artistic hub countryside towns like Ladysmith could be. She currently works hand-in-hand with local brands to highlight fashion, art & lifestyle in the KwaZulu Natal countryside. 

This blog is where her favourite worlds meet; the worlds of music, writing & personal style.
Throughout her life, Nona has sought comfort in the arts & has never spent a day in her life living without some form of creativity & artistic expression... & she doesn't plan on a future without it.


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